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The Nav.igator is a savvy woman, sharp-witted, curious, kills it at work and is probably boarding a plane to an exotic country, or at least looking into the best flight deals to get to one.

She believes she has the power to nav.igate her life, internally driven and financially free. She likes to share and is looking for guidance from her sister-nav.igators about their best life hacks, travel tips and general life choices that help them nav. the world on their own terms.

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We went, we saw, we wrote it all down for you. Learn about how our nav.igators manage the ups and downs of careers, travel, finances and living life on their own terms.


You can only get to the road less traveled if you’ve heard of it. Read about other sister-nav.igators adventures and share your own.

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Totally confused about where to invest that year-end bonus? Deciding what to bring in your carry-on to Peru? Need a boost managing money & tracking your travel funds? We’ve got two words for you: welcome home.

Leading Ladies
Healthy Money Habits
Real Talk
Equal Pay

Girl In-Powered:
Here's What You Need to Know About Equal Pay

Along with exposing an institution of harassment and sexism, the #MeToo movement has shined a white-hot spotlight on the gender pay gap.

Jen Jope
Jen Jope
in 2 weeks
Set As your Goal
Latina Wage Gap

How to Beat the Latina Wage Gap and Actually Enjoy Life at the Same Time

Latinas, we’ll lose a million in our lifetimes due to the wage gap. Depressing, right? The good news is, we don’t have to keep settling for less. Here’s how we can start reversing this trend.

Athena Lent
in 2 months
Online Services

3 Game-Changing Online Services for Women Who Don't Have Time

There’s a saying I’ve been living by as of late that I need to pass along to every other woman who’s convinced she has to do it all: be frugal with your time, not your money.

Nadia Imafidon
in 4 months
The Key to Crushing Those #LifeGoals?

The Key to Crushing Those #LifeGoals? It's Grit

Grit is more than just the dirt under your nails. It’s what empowers you to go after your goals, even if they scare the sh*t out of you.

Erin Papworth
in 1 months
Money Maven

How I Became a Money Maven Before I Hit 30

I’ll be honest, when I think of IRAs and retirement, I think of old, dry (white) men in gaudy Hawaiian shirts discussing the elusive “market” as they tee off somewhere in Palm Springs.

Ashley Copeland
in 3 months
Reborn Mexico

For Under $100, You Too Can Be Reborn in Mexico (A Temazcal Ceremony Story)

Temazcal, which translates to “house of heat,” is a rebirth ceremony that takes place inside of a sweat lodge.

English Taylor
items in 1 day
Set As your Goal
Sakura Secrets

Sakura Secrets: What to Know About Visiting Japan During Cherry Blossom Season

Having spent the last five years in Tokyo during the cherry blossom season, I can safely say I’ve mastered the art of flower viewing…and navigating the sakura frenzy.

Wenting Ang
in 5 months

Let's Taco-bout Mexico City

Most Americans know that traveling to Mexico City, or CDMX, is about as inexpensive as it gets.

Julia Devin
items in 1 month
Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Bring Your Business Cards and Your Sunscreen

Picture Hong Kong: Chances are, you’re imagining modern skyscrapers, exotic street food, and luxurious shopping.

Lauren Green
in 2 months
Street Art

Street Art Appreciation: Barcelona Edition

Street art captures the personality of a city and arguably provides more insight into the community than any museum could. Not to mention, it’s free.

Vanessa Charlot
items in 2 weeks

No 401(k)? No Problem: Retirement Savings Strategies for the Free Spirit

If you’re one of the growing number of #bossladies working independently in a freelance, consultant, or entrepreneurial role...

Liz Alterman
Liz Alderman
items in 1 day
Set As your Goal
Invest Goals

How to Invest for Your Short-Term Goals

Being a true #dollardiva means setting aside money each month for the long-term goals and letting your extra change do some heavy lifting for you by investing for the short-term.

Heidi Esau
items in 1 month
Investing Rookies!

Investing Rookies! These Are the Basics fo Risk, Return, and Diversification

The impossible happened, Nav.igator. You looked at your finances, you set a budget, and now you have money left over after paying this month’s bills.

Heidi Esau
in 1 month
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds: When Investments Get Cliquey (But it's Fine)

When it comes to picking stocks, many people feel more comfortable spreading their wealth (a.k.a. diversifying their portfolio), and like the idea of the pros managing their investments.

Jordan Nadler
items in 1 month
A Field Guide to Your Taxes

A Field Guide to Your Taxes

For all the frills of self-employment, there's a definite downside to working the gig economy.

Julia Reiss
in 1 month
West Africa

What it's Like to be Black (or Sort of) in West Africa

As a Nigerian-Ukrainian combo (thanks mom and dad), it’s almost impossible to find spaces with people who look like me.

Nadia Imafidon
Items in 3 months
Set As your Goal
Solo Travel

Do the Safety Dance: Tips for Worry-Free Female Solo Travel

If you’re interested in venturing alone but are biting your nails about the security issue, here are some tips to stay safe while on your solo adventure.

Robin Davis
in 1 month

I Wore a Hijab in Abu Dhabi and It Changed My Life

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, when it’s a pretty bad time to piss off women (not like there was ever a good time!), I wasn’t really sure where I stood when it came to the burqa.

Lauren Green
items in 6 months

How Dealing with a Stalker Taught me to Woman Up

When I moved to an up-and-coming neighborhood of Paris in January of 2016, I felt like I had found my own corner of France, my home away from home. I loved the area, especially my apartment there.

Catherine Caldwell
items in 5 months

What an Impromptu Girls' Trip Taught Me About Female Friendship

This past summer, I agreed to go on a girls’ trip to the South of France with three other women, two of whom I had never met.

Julia Reiss
items in 1 week

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