What does financial literacy mean at Nav.it


It’s a mindset.  It’s believing our money is something we can understand, control, save, manage, and even grow.  It’s understanding how to use our money to meet our lifestyle goals.  It’s understanding money is power and we have access to it now.


Why is this important?


If we believe money is a tool that helps us create the lifestyle we want, we are defined by who we are as people, the lifestyle and personal choices we make, and not merely by the money we have.  This approach makes you much more conscious of how you treat others, the respect you give to the Earth and to our common living space, and what you contribute to the world. 


The world is starting to shift in this direction. Don’t get me wrong, billionaires are still lauded, ‘bling’ is still a thing, but more and more people are waking up to the reality =they are awesome because of who they are, not what they have.  And money is just a tool to help them live comfortably.


Why is this imperative for human development?


There is still an imbalance in the world, tilted to reward and empower the people with the most money.  However, the work of previous generations is coming to fruition, and people from lower socioeconomic groups, women, and minorities have access to places of power and wealth never previously experienced in U.S. history.


This shift must occur in tandem with the understanding of self and self-worth and what we want out of life.  If we can’t get this right, a new generation of leaders will continue to rule based on aggression, missteps and protectionism of the previous generations.


Success will only be achieved if we understand our finances.  If we are ‘financially literate’ and understand the system we live in. If we watch and manage our money and don’t let the system take it from us.  If we know how to save our money and how to avoid debt.  If we know how to grow our wealth, and have a road map for our future.  If we know that we live in a consumer-based economy that targets people, especially women, to sell them things they may or may not need.  


There is hope


Men and women are nav.ing the system all over the place with financial literacy.  The most obvious place to see this shift is the recent growth of the financial blogging industry.  In this world of the financially independent, saving is the key, early retirement is a fun and attainable thing, and sharing tips on saving, anti-consumerism, and travel to expand your worldview is standard. 


You don’t need to plan on early retirement to nav. the system and be financially literate.  The point is that a growing contingent of people are figuring this out together, so more resources, tools, and information are circulating to help us all out.




Financial literacy means you understand the financial game and you know how to play it.  And then ladies and gents…once you know it, you make your own rules.