See yourself on the beach. Hear the waves gently crashing on the shore making a nice rhythmic sound. The sun feels good on your skin and you are relaxed from the massage you got earlier. Life is good and just as you are about to take a sip of your drink without right financial mindset in your head.

Boom, Reality hits.

Your alarm goes off. It’s 6am and it’s time to get ready for work. You check your phone, hop in the shower, get ready, grab a Lyft into work and now it’s time for some coffee. You fire up your laptop and the chats and emails are flying.

After work you get home, rush to yoga because you bought a few too many classes after the free trial. After yoga, you’re feeling great, but it’s late and you haven’t eaten yet. You grab a quick bite, walk your dog (5,000 steps yay!), text your friends, go to sleep, and reset to repeat this all the next day.

As you continue on this path for a few years you start to realize it’s a zero sum game. The harder you work the more work you get, and the less time you have just to do you.  You do a quick scan of the people you hope to emulate (managers, executives, etc) and realize that many of them are unhappy and have unstable home lives, though they make more money and have more things than you.

So, what’s going on here?

The corporate system of America is designed to tied people to money. Our social construct says you need a nicer car, home, jewelry, etc. You should buy THINGS.  People even give you credit to buy them.  Once you have attained these things it’s hard to let them go for a number of reasons, but not the least of which is the debt associated with them. People get to a point where they are working for the bank for the rest of their lives…… Thanks, no thanks.

The Right Financial Mindset.

How do we break free from this? The beauty of all of our lives is that: there is no right way. You choose your path, you choose your mindset (am I going to be a victim or a leader), and then you deal with the cards you have been dealt.  That can turn out well or badly, but if you have the mindset that you set your own course regardless of circumstances, then the only thing limiting you is you. As opposed to being evil, money is just the vehicle through which you are able to realize your dreams and not be tied to a lifestyle that doesn’t speak to your truth.

So, how do we use our money to get us where we want to go?

Money is finite.

The first thing to understand is that money is finite.  That means that no matter how much you make or have, you can potentially run out of it.  Therefore, paying attention to it is key.  Instead of being fearful about this reality, we are here to tell you: you have the power to approach money fearlessly and with purpose.

How? By believing money is your power and you have the intellect and drive to manage it.

With this in mind, you have a few basic options to start building your financial world:

  1. make more,
  2. spend less, or
  3. invest and make it work for you.

Next step: In this post we take you on a journey to teach you how to get ahead and make this system, and your money, work for you.

So, let’s go!