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Soumeya Partner, Chief Innovation & Product Officer

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Since graduating from engineering school in 2003 with a BS in computer science, my career has been a winding journey, at turns exhilarating and tense.  After an initial two-year training program at GE, I found a position with EY on Wall Street, working with some of the biggest names in finance.  Then love led me to move to Washington, D.C., and I did the obligatory stint in government (not for me).  I hit my stride leading strategy and planning for a digital health startup. I started my own agency which was no less demanding but offered me outlets for creativity and fun that were lacking in my years in corporate America. I sold it in 2017. And finally, I met Erin.  She had been working on and we bounced ideas off of each other.  We soon discovered that we made a great team, complementing each other in so many ways, and it was clear to us that we had something special.




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