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I’m a Seattle-based writer and editor, which means I always have way too much to say (word limits don’t scare me), but I also know exactly what needs to be said and at what time (and I care far too much about the proper usage of em dashes).  When I’m not crafting content, I’m drinking Americanos, writing (and performing) poetry, teaching the healing power of poetry to kiddos in a psychiatric treatment center, scouring clothing racks for new outrageous prints to incorporate into my wardrobe and looking for my next gig as a funk/soul/R&B vocalist.


Why I joined

I fully believe in doing exactly what makes your heart feel full and your breath feel free. And money can sometimes bring that hippie-flower-child spirit to a screaming halt. But what I love about what we’re doing at is cultivating community around the idea that it’s not money itself that brings us angst—it’s not knowing how to make whatever money you make work for you. We all have our own ways of navigating this world, and why not share our stories—good and bad—to bring some confidence (and levity) on our journey.

My all-time favorite book is

“Salt” by Nayyirah Waheed. If you’re a person of color trying to navigate feelings of self-worth and connectedness, this book will consume you in the best of ways. (“Bone” by Yrsa Daley-Ward is a close second.)

Favorite way to spend a day off…

A perfect day would mean I wouldn’t have to put on real pants, I could spend hours in bed writing poetry, eating way too many snacks, cooking dinner with close friends (I’ve put a dress on by now, mind you) and ending the night with a restorative yoga practice.

One cause that is close to your heart….

Black Lives Matter. I believe in unapologetic blackness, freedom and justice for black people, and radical peace and love for all humans.

Concert I’d most like to see…

I’m pretending this question is asking about artists alive and dead, and in that case, Otis Redding. How incredible would that be!? And gone too soon…he was 26 when he passed and has a collection of so many great songs. I’m not over it (this happened long before I was born). But alive? Duh. Beyoncé.

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