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Kara Finance & Strategy

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I grew up in a big family that was always traveling. I’m a financially trained strategist living in Boston (but forever traveling) and I truly believe that any question can be boiled down and answered with numbers.


My biggest passion…

Traveling the world and reading about people’s travel experiences. I love the feeling of going somewhere new and feeling totally lost.

Why I joined

Knowledge is empowering. What you do with that knowledge and how you succeed and fail are what makes you powerful. Knowledge gives you ideas to scale mountains. Teaching yourself to keep going after falling is an awesome journey.

If I could visit anywhere in the world…

I’d go anywhere! Just thinking about all the places I’ve never been is exciting. It’s also exciting to revisit favorite places. I’d love to go back to the Greek and Turkish Isles.

One cause that is close to my heart

Equal access to education and relief organizations

Tea, Wine, or Coffee

Coffee – it is a necessity.

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