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My adult life began when I went to Africa at 21 and basically didn’t come back for a decade plus. I received a Master of Public Health and specialized in epidemiology and infectious disease research among high risk groups. My experience providing health care and analyzing human behavior in incredibly diverse economic and political systems has shaped my worldview. I fundamentally believe self-determination is a privilege we have in the United States that cannot be ignored or undervalued.


My biggest passion…

Is seeing the world evolve in better, more enlightened ways. I see our culture shifting, even in the wake of political drama, to include more rhetoric about diversity, authenticity, love, self-compassion, respect and inclusiveness. I believe much of this begins with the individual, and a person’s level of self-awareness, sense of self, and feeling of self-determination. I also believe a fully self-determined person has a basic understanding of their finances and ability to navigate the system they live in. I strive to increase people’s ability to do that with my experience, knowledge and expertise as much as possible.

Why I started

To me embodies the ideal lifestyle. It’s how I attempt to live my life, fully acknowledging that I am winging it half the time. It’s a mindset I have learned through intense trial and error. My life has consistently shown me that if the stakes are down and I exhibit empathy for all involved (including myself) and refuse to play the victim, life opportunities emerge to expose me to even more fulfilling and wonderful things.

In this process I realized that understanding my finances and how our government and economic system work, significantly increased my ability to take full ownership of my life and even helped my confidence and self-esteem. So spawned from that experience and realizing the #3rdgreatawakening was missing the financial knowledge piece.

My all-time favorite book is…

There are so many and my tastes have changed over the years. A novel that I adore and has stayed in my heart for more than a decade now is, I Do Not Come to You by Chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani. Cleopatra: A life, by Stacy Schiff is an excellent and compelling analysis of a well known but little understood matriarch that brings a fresh perspective to ancient history. And the most recent autobiography I read/listened to that I loved (Audiobooks have revolutionized the life of this busy mother) was a laugh-out-loud funny and heart-wrenchingly brilliant social commentary by Trevor Noah called Born a Crime.

If I could visit anywhere in the world

I’d go everywhere. A friend recently asked how many  countries in Africa I’ve been to and I counted 32. North, south, east, and west, I’ve had the opportunity to go to anglophone, francophone, lusophone and hispanophone countries on that amazing continent. I swear I am a happier, better person when I am discovering the world so I invest in international travel whenever I can. The next contingent calling me is South America.  I want to dance zamba in Buenos Aries and hike Machu Picchu. New Zealand is also pretty high on my list. And what do you know, I am writing this from Rome, which is always incredible. But I can’t forget that Nepal and really exploring Japan are really high up on my list too. See? I’m getting excited and I need an extra page to answer this one..

The best thing I’ve ever eaten

I had an amazing meal on the Isle of Skye in Scotland that stands out in recent months. It was locally sourced, seasonal and played with flavors in a Celtic way that I hadn’t experienced before.

My hidden talent

I can rap pretty much the entire first CD of the Hamilton soundtrack. (FYI, the second CD gets a little too naughty to have to explain in the car to a 6 year old.)

Movie that made me laugh the hardest

So many. But I can’t think of the backyard fight scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love without laughing. Giggling even now….

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