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Ellen Chief Psychology Officer

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I am a clinical psychologist and life coach with almost thirty years in a private practice.  My postdoctoral training was in neuropsychology including brain injury assessment and rehab, but I decided to move from assessing “what’s wrong” to strengthening “what’s right” with my patients.  .


Why I joined

I am  so excited to be integrating  my 35 years of psychotherapy training and experience, neuroscience research, and interest in meditation with technology in helping users become confident, effective and happy! This is the next wave of applied psychology technology and this baby boomer is thrilled to be part of it!

My biggest passion is…

Aside from Cuban music and dancing, I love helping people develop and manifest their unique talents to help make the world a better place.

My hidden talent…

I’m a master accent detector. I can tell where in the world people are from, including different states in the U.S.

The best thing I’ve ever eaten…

Anything after ending a fast. Eating slowly and mindfully can lead to the next best thing you’ve ever eaten.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. I remember when there was only one Starbucks in Seattle, and my office was right across the street. Beans must be dark roasted, full bodied, ground fresh in the morning, poured over, and served with half and half. Can you tell this is my morning ritual?

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