It’s that time of the year! Graduation season! Honestly, I absolutely love graduation season. It’s a time full of family, opportunity, and brightness. However, let’s be real, it can be tough to keep up with all the graduation festivities, both schedule wise and financially. I LOVE giving gifts but here at, we also love saving tips!

When it comes to giving gifts, I sometimes find myself in that last minute panic mode– which translates into panicked spender mode. When I don’t plan ahead, I’m more likely to walk into a store and buy the first nice thing I find, which is usually super expensive too. So, too many expensive gifts later and I’ve finally learned the lesson of planning ahead. This allows me to spend more time thinking of personal and meaningful gifts, which are usually more treasured and also almost always less costly.

Here are some tips on how to keep this graduation season manageable and meaningful.

1. Something Sentimental

Sentimental gifts can be a good route for your graduation needs

Sentimental gifts, are not only personal, but also usually more affordable

If you’re crafty, or just someone who loves binge watching Buzzfeed’s Nifty videos, take the time to DIY something for the graduate – possibly something they might use or hold onto during this next phase in their life. Like these awesome DIY Instagram coasters that match perfectly with our saving tips mantra.

2. Subscription Station

Gift subscriptions are a great graduation gift idea

A subscription to your graduate’s favorite online newsletter or skincare company will be so appreciated.

Know your best friend loves to read the New York Times but always gets derailed by their article reading limit? Buy them a few months subscription! Do you have a family member that loves to try new things but doesn’t take the time to treat themselves? Consider purchasing an Ipsy or Sephora Play subscription. Savings tip: make sure that you read the fine lines with these subscriptions and know the renewal and automatic payment guidelines so that you can avoid unexpected fees. Not only are these gifts great because your loved ones will constantly benefit from them, they’re affordable too!

3. Classics

Classics as a graduation gift

All-time classics can be the perfect addition to a newly graduated student’s library

Have an avid reader graduating? Not only are these books classics every personal library should have, they’re also beautiful! A meaningful note put into the book will instantly make this incredibly meaningful and personal. Adding the date also makes it special years later when they see the note and date and remember an exciting moment in their lives– and that you were there for it!


Throwback themed graduation gift

A throwback slumber party with all your childhood favorites can be the perfect way to celebrate moving on to bigger and better things.

Want to celebrate growing up and moving on to the next step of life? Consider doing it by stepping back in time and re-living one of the funnest things of childhood: slumber parties and Disney classics! Throw a slumber party in honor of the graduate– kickback, watch those childhood favorites (extra points if you watch them using a VCR player!), and make yourself the old school snacks you always loved. Saving tips: try the DIY route and plan ahead. To keep your party fun but affordable –take a look at this list for some DIY inspiration.


Image credit: Mirjana Jesic


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