Here’s the deal: Either a gym membership is worth your money or it’s not.  You may be one of those disciplined, highly motivated gym rats and utilize every penny of your membership dues, (Yay you!), or you may find yourself finding every excuse in the book not to go to the gym after a long day’s work and your gym membership is money down the drain. If you fall into that second category, we can help! You have two options – either get up and go to the gym and make your gym membership a good investment decision, or accept the fact that your money is going to waste. Cancel that membership and work out for free with these saving tips!

Saving Tips #1: Use the stairs

Ditch the stairmaster that you’re paying for but not even using. Save the money by utilizing the stairs you already have access to. If you live in a city, finding stairs (inside and out) is  pretty easy. Use the stairs up to public buildings to get your heart rate up or ditch the elevator and take the stairs up to your office or apartment. If you’re in suburbia, the stairs at your home will get the job done just as well or find the nearest neighborhood hill to climb, or go to your local high school football field and run some bleachers

Saving Tips #2: Use the counters

Ok I need to give credit where credit is due and say this idea is inspired by my dad. Use the counters in your kitchen as something to stabilize your push-ups. Lean the bottom of your palm against the counters. Then slant the rest of your body so that all your weight is balanced out against your palms and the front of your feet. Your body should be in a plank position. And then  do a push-up. This workout helps to strengthen your core and focuses on toning and building your triceps.  

Saving Tips #3: Use the chair

Need to do your leg workout? Save the money you’re not utilizing at the gym and  grab the nearest chair. Face the seat of the chair and do seat taps. These involve lifting your feet and legs to tap the chair with your toes. While lifting your right leg, move up your left arm and alternate as you continue. This will strengthen your abs, your calves, and get your heart rate up.

Saving Tips #4: Use some books

Use the heavy books on your shelves as an alternative to weights. Either use them to do regular lifting or add them to an ab workout. You can do this by lifting them up as you do crunches. Or placing a few on your back while in a plank position to further strengthen your core.

Saving Tips #5: Youtube

Of course, the wonderful world of the internet has a million free workout videos available to you. Depending on what you want to work out, try searching Youtube to find a workout style (and time commitment!) that is right for you!  All you need then is a bit of standing room–living room anyone? And you’re off to the races.  A yoga mat might be a nice add depending on your floor situation:). Check out here, here and here for options that suits you.

Saving Tips #6: Investigate free (or reduced fee) areas to work out in your community

Really into running but hate the treadmill? Ditch the gym fee and save the money by looking up scenic trails in your area. If you don’t know where to go to run, check out this link to find some trails near you.

Other places to check out: community YMCA’s, community recreation centers, or neighborhood courts.

Saving Tips #7: Affordable workout purchases

If you have some money to allocate to workout items, buy things you can always use. For example, free weights, jump rope, hula hoop, basket ball, tennis racket kickball, or a balance ball. You can even check out your local discount sporting goods store or Craigslist for used equipment.


Image Credit: Mirjana Jesic



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