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Our number one mission at Nav.it is to help you navigate life’s choices as simply, intelligently, and fearlessly as possible. When we nail this, or even when we attempt to live like this, we refer to it as ‘nav.ing it’.   We encourage you to make this a part of your everyday vernacular. Did you successfully negotiate a raise at work? Totally ‘nav.ing’ it! Step outside of your comfort zone and grab a solo drink at a trendy new bar? Congratulations, girl, you just ‘nav.ed’ it.

That said, we realized that sharing information and expertise only goes so far; the rest of the navigational decision-making comes from within.  Only we can rewire our brains to make smart choices and face our unique challenges with confidence. This is why we decided to launch Nav.it reviews. Some daily decisions, like where we eat and shop, may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but in reality, how we choose to navigate those experiences shows a great deal about how we spend our money, how we overcome challenges, and most importantly — who we are at our core.

Nav.it is a small team of (mostly) women  who span a range of cultures, income levels, life experiences, love of cheese, and much more. Through our individual reviews, we hope to draw a blueprint that a.) inspires others to rethink how they make decisions and b.) serves as a guide for finding practical and positive experiences. In other words, we want to know who offers the best bottomless mimosa brunch deals as much as you do, or the latest book that had you turning pages all night, so we’ve created a highly technical (aka number dotted) rating system to nav.it out:

  1. The Money Score: A practical overview of the value for the dollar. The ‘is it worth it?’ factor, if you will.
  2. The Consciousness Score: How we measure the ‘woke’ factor. Is it a restaurant serving locally sourced, organic produce? Is it a business that donates profits to charity? Is it a product that promotes wellbeing? Does it make the world a better place? These may vary slightly by reviewer, but we all value  the ‘do good’ qualities of everything we eat, buy, and experience.  
  3. The ‘All The Feels’ Score: You know that magical feeling you get when your favorite song starts playing while you are trying on the perfect vintage jacket? Or when you order the escargot and feel so proud of yourself for not only conquering your fear of slimy mollusks, but enjoying it, too?! This is where we consider the sum of all of our senses, and how great the experience makes us feel.

For each of these categories, we select the appropriate navigational icon and then calculate the average for our overall rating.

Excellent—Each category goes above and beyond our expectations. The value of the experience for the money is exceptional, the experience contributes to a better world in a clear way, and we can hardly even contain all the feels — it is surely something we’ll remember as special. These are rare, but these gems do exist and belong on your life’s map. Think of this as the rainbow unicorn of experiences.

Good—Most of the categories impress, but it lacks overall that je ne sais quoi that makes it perfection. Like a scratch on your Lamborghini. We can dream, right?

Okay—The majority of the places we encounter on a regular basis tend to fall into this category. Nothing astounds us, but nothing really turns us off either. If all you can say is, “The fries are pretty good,” it probably falls into this category.

Needs improvement—These are the experiences that make us a bit sad. They show potential and may have one great factor, but overall, they disappoint. Likely the same way you feel about your middle school ballet performance.

Stay Away—The name says it all. Not a single benefit from the experience can be detected. File this next to break-ups, the flu, and that time you had spinach stuck in your teeth during a one-hour presentation with clients.


Note: We understand that sometimes something just isn’t our cup of tea, or maybe a server is having an off night. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and if anyone is unhappy with a less than stellar review, we are always open to coming back for a second chance. We also acknowledge that the full range of information that influences our “Consciousness Score” isn’t always available to a customer. Therefore, we do our best to reach out to every establishment for a chance to give us their story. Sometimes we don’t hear back in time for publishing, but we will keep information up-to-date and as honest/accurate as possible.