have to be honest: I don’t understand the fascination with Tracy Anderson. Granted, I don’t personally know her, but I do admire her mission to inspire young women to be happy and healthy. In case you missed it, her Total Teen book is quite the rage! So, in attempts to better understand a bit of the Tracy tribe, I booked a trial class at their Tribeca studio on Church Street.

And suited with sleek amenities–locker rooms, bathrooms and changing rooms, and classes set at 95 degrees and 75 percent humidity–you are guaranteed to sweat and not do anything. I was a sheltered teen working at GE shortly after college when for the the first time I heard the phrase, “Sweat like a hooker in church.” I wasn’t the hooker in church–I was just in a Tracy Anderson studio.

So, I paid $45 dollars for a class. And I did sweat. So as far as I’m concerned, I got a work out.

Experience Overview

I took a beginner’s class called Breakdown Cardio recommended by a woman at the front desk. At 50 minutes, it was apparently the ideal intro to the Tracy Anderson flow that burns a significant amount of calories and is fit for all levels. If you don’t like the heat of hot yoga or Bikram, you certainly won’t like these classes.

And personally, I didn’t like it. I hate classes that require coordination. You either have it, or you don’t, and I certainly don’t. I have have two left feet, and it takes me many classes to master a rhythm. I was never a fan of Zumba, but I know if I stick to it, and return many, many times, I will get it. First-timers, don’t expect to get the Tracy Anderson method right away, unless you have superior mind-body coordination.

Money Score: Needs Improvement

It makes sense to do a class if you’re in search of the perfect monthly membership gym. Otherwise, steer clear. I find $45 dollars to be very high for one class. In comparison, Soulcycle’s classes are $25. So I think it is only worth considering if you think joining the monthly may be for you. They never use to allow non-members to join in on classes. Now, they offer non-member trial hours, so if you are willing to pay for it, you are welcome.

There are tiers of membership, but the standard is $900 per month. Steep indeed, and there is a $1,500 initiation fee. For that price, am I wrong to ask if organic meals and massages come complementary? I personally wouldn’t consider it, as I think of that $900 12 times a year in terms of how many Hermes bags I could buy. I also am rather fond of my Equinox membership. In fact, you can do Bikram yoga for the heat, and spinning for the cardio, and get a mix of both for the price of one, but maybe you’d have more fun.

People are members here because they love Tracy Anderson, and there are only a few of these studios around the world. The price for the value is not there unless you are a big fan and must try her once.

Consciousness Score: Needs Improvement

Other than a selection of raw, organic food in the smoothie/snack stand, everything else was like every other gym, so I’d rate them somewhere between needs improvement and just OK. But I can cut them some slack for the organic coffee.

‘All the Feels’ Score: Okay

OK, but not exceptional. Essentially, you must go into the place knowing what your body is capable of and your level of coordination. But if you like good music, at least you can enjoy that while tripping over your feet.

The place is obviously meant for women, but I did see a few men in the classes. I loved that it was not busy, and I also liked the exclusivity in that not just anyone can pay for it. If you’re there, and you can afford to pay $45 for a 50-minute dance class in a hot space, then you’re certainly not there to bring down the feel of the place. That said, the crowd was a little older, established, and seemingly focused on getting their workout in.

The ambiance was very chic: white, with clean lines. A nice and clean look for a studio. The locker room was well-outfitted, but nothing spectacular. As for amenities, they give you a towel and a water bottle (once again, where is my massage?).

Inside the shop, there were great brands in the clothing selection, but very limited in number. They simply needed more clothes, but I give them props for carrying Sweaty Betty, a British transplant of cute workout clothes.

Overall: Needs Improvement

Don’t get your hopes up, Tracy Anderson won’t actually be there. Apparently, she rarely did these classes anyway. I must confess that the rating is influenced by the fact that cardio classes that demand mass coordination are not my cup of tea. And the trial class price point was too steep.