If the financial future is cryptocurrencies (think Bitcoin), we have to take ownership of our finances now to be ready for the future.

It’s time to take the fear out of finances. And pay attention to it….because our system is about to change.

What are you talking about?

People who are watching trends, people who know more about technological advancement and social structure than most, are talking about cryptographic money, or crypocurrencies.


In its basic form, it’s just digital currencies that people agree is a certain price and can be used as a form of exchange for purchases, services, etc.  Bitcoin is decentralized and private, not regulated by a government. And there are others. It’s more complicated than this explanation, so research it, but bottom line: it’s fascinating.

What’s happening now.

At the moment, we all use paper money that is produced by governments and as a collective we agree that a $5 bill is worth the price of a… muffin (for example:)).  Crypocurrency takes the government out of it, creates a computer-generated currency system, and creates a digital form of exchange.

This may be the future.

We can debate the pros and cons of this possibility but we are poised to use this. The lack of faith in the U.S. government is real, the election in the United States showed a significant distrust in corporate America, and people are looking for a change in the banking world. This is an alternative, and it is not dependent on governments, but on networked computers. We also already have technology that supports the exchange of digital currencies (think your debit card chip-readers, Amazon, and Apple money), so an infrastructure to support it.

Either way, let’s be realistic.

This won’t happen tomorrow.  However, crypocurrency has the potential to reorganize everything that we do—if we’re careful, big banks won’t be the entities we are indebted to, we may have better flow of finances and credit around the world, and maybe even better collaboration amongst people groups.  It’s a big wide world out there.

Here’s my point: If this is the way we’re going, ladies, we better start paying attention NOW.

How we need to prepare for it.

Neha Narula in her Ted Talk says: “the future of money is programmable, we remove humans and institutions from the loop [creation].”  If that’s true, it means a person will still have to create the computers to program that currency. This could be wonderful, but it also has the potential to be manipulated.  Especially if we’re not paying attention.

That is why we need to have a clear understanding of our system NOW so that when it changes, we get the basics of how the new one works. Our old system won’t go entirely by the wayside, the new one will be built upon it. A good example is this Marketing expert talking about how companies are making their own form of currency as we speak (it’s saying something if companies are creating digital currencies to once again: take your money).

How to Nav.it.

Times are changing, it’s exciting.  It’s time to learn up, ladies.  Time to get our mindset right about self-determination. We can only be manipulated if we allow ourselves to be manipulated.  And it will be harder when there is no person or bank to point figures at.  Time to learn how this financial future system works. Who has ownership and control of our lives and wealth?

We navigate our lives daily. Money is a means to the end, and a part of our reality. Let’s own it and be ready for change in our world.