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When Jermaine Dupri said “money aint a thang” with Jay-Z driving a pimped-out Jaguar convertible and singing to beautiful ladies on horseback, his message was clear: He was rolling in money without a care in the world. Awesome, we’re happy for him and a whole lotta other rich music artists. As for the rest of us in #reality, this line can mean something a bit deeper. Money truly ain’t a thang–at least not the only thang–and the Nav.it philosophy is going to revolutionize the way people interact with the world. Here’s why.  

#Ownit #bigdreams

Our generation has something special going on. We’re smart. We’re savvy. We have easy access to the internet, which we can use to educate ourselves about what we’re interested in. And we surely don’t take things at face value, even if the boss tells us so.

We also have dreams, whether it’s traveling the world, owning our very own home, paying off debt or just buying those awesome shoes even when they aren’t on sale. And these dreams are very personal. Only you know what you really want in this life. Only you know that you’d rather live with roommates in an uninsulated downtown apartment than give up the amazing internship with your favorite fashion company that pays crap but sponsors your trips to #parisfashionweek (cause, hello?).

What we all have in common is that no matter what you’ve taped to your vision board, there’s a common denominator for all of our goals: money (and how you feel about it).

Want to feel empowered and #ownit? Want to make conscious, informed choices about your lifestyle, career and housing? Want to decide to travel without fear, worry, or shame?? Then, what better place to start than with your finances?

Yes, it’s time to rethink our attitude about our dollar, dollar bills, y’all. It doesn’t define our worth, and it doesn’t matter how much you have. Money is merely something we have access to (in small or large amounts) that–in this society–determines how comfortable our lives are. It also influences how quickly we get to those #lifegoals and how much suffering we experience along the way (the rest is usually self-inflicted, let’s be honest).

Consider the story of solo female travel blogger Adventurous Kate. At 26, she quit her job to fulfill her lifelong dream of traveling the world. She took practical steps to make it happen — saving and identifying the best locales for her budget — and even figured out how she could make money along the way. In the end, she turned her passion into a thriving business! We call that “nav.ing it.”

Stories like Kate’s and the slow but steady movement towards allowing self-assured, confident and whip-smart women to find their space in society have us excited about the future. Because those who view money management as a necessary life skill, and not a chore, will #crushgoals.

The bottom line

Nav.it’s philosophy is that money is something we have to manage to create the lifestyle we want. Being practical about it benefits us psychologically (#noworries) and financially (#dollardollarbillyall).

In other words: You’re the #bossbabe of your bank account, and we’re here to help you reach your goals by making practical decisions while navigating day-to-day life.