Panicking because it’s practically June and none of your summer internships worked out? Don’t worry – who says learning has to happen at an internship?!  Read on for some tips on how to self-teach and nav. your money and time this summer!




What better way to fill your time than to do some good? There are so many opportunities for summer volunteering. Not only is it low-risk, but you are definitely bound to find something that interests you. You can even make the volunteering work for you in some ways. Recognize where you can make connections at your volunteer site and work to make something come out of them. Consider partnering with your local library or community center to offer them some of your skills and create workshops or help them with any programming they have.


A Side Hustle

While a side hustle may not directly contribute to your overall career goals, it could make you some extra cash this summer. There are a ton of online options of small jobs you can do.  Take some surveys? Sell things online? Remote English Teacher?  The options are endless, research more options here and here.


Create a summer reading list

We all want to read more, but we all keep saying we don’t have time! This is the time! All those books your favorite professor cited during class? Go get them (library time and save your money!) and some iced coffee, and begin your summer reading list. To create a list, identify a subject of interest and go from there – or you can use this list for inspiration.  


Take up a skill that could strengthen your resume

I am constantly saying I want to go back and relearn Spanish. I took the classes and I have the books so I could create a self-learning plan. This could be your chance to create something that could boost your resume in place of an internship or job. Learn how to code or do some DIY crafts that could possibly blossom into a small Etsy store (back to the side hustle)!  This could also be your chance to structure your money and your time. Carve out some hours of each day for “work”, aka self-improvement or self-learning. This will help routinize your days while also leaving you time to relax. You’re your own boss this summer, you can choose how far you want to take your skill!


Sign up for a course

Browse through Coursera’s class offerings or look through your local community colleges course guide for a class you want to take but don’t have the time during your regular schedule. Not only can this be a beneficial way to fill your time, employers will be impressed to see your initiative and drive.


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