Through local and national workshops -- we work one-on-one -- to help Nav. your future.

Workshops/Classes: provides an array of diverse financial confidence workshops and classes.  Workshops are facilitated in person and/or online.  
Standard subjects include:
  • Finance 101: Gaining confidence about the basics 
  • Employee benefits: Learning what they are and why they rock
  • Resource Map: An overview and explanation of tools used for financial independence 
  • Finance 201: Learning about investing instruction adheres to the belief that everyone is capable of managing their personal finances; it’s just a matter of confidence, personality, and goals. There is no perfect way–there are resources, experts, and general guidelines, that will help you define your way. All classes provide tools to help you improve your financial literacy and your financial management skills.  

Customized Classes: customizes workshops and classes to meet the needs of individuals, institutions, employers, associations and social groups. classes simplify complex financial and monetary concepts and provide essential information and resources everyone needs to help nav. their lives.  

Individual Coaching:

Financial Confidence Coaching:

Financial confidence coaching is specifically tailored to the individuals needs.  In these coaching sessions, we focus on your interests, your financial concerns, and your goals. Coaching topics cover understanding basic financial terms and systems, to gaining financial confidence and organizing your personal finances, to developing roadmaps to reach future lifestyle and monetary goals. Our coaching will provide you with a personalized plan to meet your specific financial objectives, and the resources and tools to help you execute your plan.  Individual coaching sessions will improve your financial literacy so that you can confidently manage your personal finances. 

Career/Business Strategy Coaching: provides basic career and business coaching which will improve your confidence in the workplace and will help you define and focus your business or career strategies and goals.  These coaching strategies have been developed by Erin Papworth, CEO and Co-founder of, over a 13-year period of implementing programs, managing large HR departments, and consulting for complex businesses in 15+ countries worldwide.
  • You may learn more about our services by contacting us through our ‘contact us’ page or sending an email to
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