It’s getting warmer and that means–at least for us high up here in the Northern Hemisphere– sorting out your closet and clearing out your winter clothes. Usually this endeavor becomes an entire spring cleaning session – with desks being organized on top of closets and lots of realizations of: “I have so much STUFF.”

Spring cleaning can feel really good too. With the right money power moves, it can even leave you with more cash than what you started with! Read on for 5 things you’re bound to come across while spring cleaning that you can definitely make some cash on:


Money Power Move #1: Clothes

With the rise of fashion blogging, there are so many avenues to sell your lightly used clothing. Apps like Poshmark allow for you to take pictures of your clothes and put them up for sale. Use this opportunity to not only clean out your closet, but also to up your wardrobe. Often times we have so many clothes but actually only cycle through the same five outfits. Clearing out your closet allows you to get a better sense of what you have in there, and keep only the staple items you need.


Money Power Move #2: Technology

Found your old iPhones? Take them to the Apple store and see how much you can sell them back for. If it isn’t worth it, check Ebay to see what price competition is selling them at. If that doesn’t work either, or if it’s that you’re finding your super old Nokia or your ridiculously pink flip phone, make sure you find the correct area to recycle them before you discard them.


Money Power Move #3: School books

All those university textbooks that cost you an arm and a leg? Sell them! Students are always looking for older edition textbooks to save some money, tap into that market! There are several textbook markets online you can look through, including Amazon. If selling them online isn’t your thing, though, you could go back to your old campus bookstore and see if they’ll buy them back.


Money Power Move #4: DIY

Spring cleaning is sometimes synonymous with just realizing how much of a hoarder you are. If you’re finding old papers from high school or random miscellaneous items around your place consider checking out this list of cool DIYs you could try out. Although this isn’t going to get you cash, it’ll get you some new decor which definitely counts in our money power move definition.


Money Power Move #6: Declutter your mind

This last one, doesn’t guarantee a cash reward immediately but we still think it’s a money power move. While cleaning out your place, take time to practice mindfulness and clear your mind. Think of it like a work reset. What (old energy) are your releasing by decluttering your space and what are you making room for (new energy)? This can help you recharge and increase your productivity at school or work.


Image credit: Mirjana Jesic


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