We said we would tell you what it means to make more money.  Why money is a tool for us?

Here’s the Nav.it real deal: We don’t think money should be your primary objective in life.  We think money is a tool for you to use on this journey of yours, not the end goal.
why money is a tool

However, more on that later, we promised to tell you how this system we live in works, so here’s our reality:

Distribution = $

If you look around, a large percentage of our U.S. economy is based on distribution. Grocery stores don’t make food, they distribute it. Real estate agents don’t make homes, they simply aid in the transaction of selling them.  Apple is simply a distribution channel for apps and takes a 30% cut for every dollar made.  The list goes on and on.

Of course, some industries are based on manufacturing or production, however, in our globalized world, jobs in manufactured goods tend to be either small to medium size businesses selling to a local market, or mass production industries that collect their manufactured parts from around the world and distribute them in one place (think, yourAmerican made car).

The main point here is that a large percentage of our U.S. system is based on distribution, and that means sales. In between production and sales, there is a whole lot of mark up (price increasing) on goods and services.  This is where the prices get the most inflated.  It is also where there is a lot of extra money (i.e. money not needed to produce the product but being charged to you, the consumer) to go around.


Let’s say, hypothetically, a car costs $1000 to be manufactured.  It then has to be shippped to a store to be sold and the store has costs of maintaining it’s location.  Let’s say that totals another $1000.  Therefore, the total cost of the car to be manufactured and sold is $2000.  However, that’s not the price you buy it for.  The distributors want a profit off this product, so they mark it up to $5000 and that is the total consumers now pay.  The sales people have just made $3000 off of that sale–and that is extra cash to be distributed.  The main people who see this cash are the distribution companies, the car manufacturers, and, of course, the sales people who sold you that car.

Make sense?

If this type of business is where there is excess money, then we can figure out who makes the most money: The companies and industries who distribute products and goods and give their sales people the largest commissions (i.e. the largest piece of the excess cash).

It’s just a reality 

For many of us, sales and having a portion of your compensation be commission based can be a scary prospect. However, if you want to make the most money (and with the least amount of education), it’s the place to be. The top sales people can make a ridiculous amount of money.

Contrary to what you may believe, to be a top sales person, you don’t need to be overbearing, gregarious and pushy. A lot of the top sales people are straightforward and relationship oriented. Yes, these traits differentiate you from the sea of people who are trying to make a quick buck.

The key is to believe in your product.  If you truly believe the product will make people’s lives easier or is of higher quality than the competition, it is a lot easier to pitch it to your clients.  If you are selling something you don’t believe in, then it’s time to have a reality check of your own—other jobs are out there.

The Nav.it bottom line:

why money is a tool? We believe finding your life’s purpose and self-love are really the goals in life.  We view money as the tool that allows you to eat, sleep, and love without suffering.  Then you are free to pursue the things that bring you joy.

With this in mind, we say this truth: If you want to make a lot of money in our current economic system, sales is a good place to be.