If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s finding ways to look like I live large without having to spend very much money. You could call me a baller on a budget. And I don’t mean I thrift or coupon religiously because I am frankly too lazy to commit to the work that goes into searching through racks or finding scissors. No, I just don’t spend any money until I find a place that meets my unreasonably high, unwavering, unrealistic standards. Just give me more than what I want at a deal. Am I asking too much?

Lady Yum doesn’t think so. A tiny parlor in the midst of Amazon jungle in Downtown Seattle, it’s easy to walk right by this gemstone on your desperate sprint home from work and real life. But this is the escape from reality your soul is craving. At least it has been for me a time or two (or most Tuesdays).


Money Score: Excellent

Let’s just get down to the facts (grab a pen, this is important): Tuesdays are bottomless champagne days for $15. I’ll give you a moment to take that in…$15 for an endless amount of bubbly with a choice between rosé and brut. And when I say endless, I don’t mean, they barely glance your way after your third glass (when, I guess, society wants you to slow down). I mean they come through often and refill your glass even if it is still half full (notice I didn’t say half empty because all the champagne helps me see things differently/better). I’ve gone back several times just to do the thorough research this article deserves, and have been told they’ll start pouring a glass at 10 a.m. and won’t stop until they close at 10 p.m. Oh, and they’ll give you pistachios and potato chips to munch on complimentary. Order a couple macarons for $2 each and you have a Parisian heaven for less than 20 bucks. Je t’aime ma chérie, Lady Yum.

Consciousness Score: Good

I appreciate that every time I go with my gluten-intolerant friend, they are quick to name the ones that have gluten (which is generally two of like 20 flavors—more points!). I find it incredibly frustrating when employees don’t know or cannot confirm if an allergen is in the food they are serving. So this is a quality trait, Lady Yum. I also adore how personable the macaron godmothers (that’s what I’ll now call the people who work there) are, which translates to the site. The owner shared her touching story of growing up in remote Alaska where she learned how to bake from a young age, which later inspired her to leave an unfulfilling job and follow her heart – making an extreme career change. Points for #totallynavingit. She also shares a home video from when she was a kid chef. That charm warms my macaron-shaped heart.

‘All the Feels’ Score: Excellent

If the 20 macaron flavors (honey lavender, salted caramel, raspberry chardonnay…just go now, I’ll understand if you don’t finish this story) and bottomless deal gets you to show up, the shop’s beauty will definitely make you try to move in. On one side, kitschy wicker chairs against glorious peacock wallpaper and adorned with an ornate chandelier; front and center, a pink bar with a large counter showcasing piles of delectable artifacts; a champagne and wine display behind the counter; and throughout the rest of the small space, tiny high-top tables usually decorated for a holiday and sitting under dangling chandeliers. Its size makes the space cozy, perfect for a night of intellectual conversation or shameless gossiping with a fellow navigator.

And let’s talk about the feels from the treats—it’s got that je ne sais quoi that I can’t put my finger on but I desperately want to so my fingers flail ravenously in their direction. Just wait until you sink your teeth into the delicate outer shell of the cream-filled sandwich cookie (if you really think about it, macarons are just glorified, puffy oreos…and every dead French person just rolled over in their grave). It’s decadent in a subtle, unobvious way. And then your soul hugs you for taking great care of her.

(Pretty hard not to score excellent after that many glasses of champagne…)