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If the only memory you have of Kristin Cavallari is of her screaming “STEEEE-PHAN” or preparing to throw down over Justin Bobby, you might be surprised to learn that she’s not only a mother of three, but also a best-selling author, designer, and business savant. She’s still unabashedly blunt and filter-free—her hungover Instagram Story videos are something most parents can probably relate to—but she’s grown into an entrepreneurial woman who is just as comfortable hosting a Grammy pre-show on E! as she is spending the day testing recipes for her new cookbook with her kids.

“True Roots,” the follow-up to 2016’s “Balancing in Heels,” comes out April 3, but Cavallari isn’t overwhelmed with the promotion of her latest book. In fact, she simultaneously opened her jewelry line’s first brick-and-mortar store at the end of March. Located in her new hometown of Nashville, the Uncommon James boutique also marks the launch of her homeware line—her first venture into developing a lifestyle brand.

Insta: Uncommon James

It’s hard to imagine the shift from designing jewelry to wooden spoons, but Cavallari makes the transition look seamless. There’s a clear parallel between the effortlessness of her bracelets and ear cuffs, and the simplicity of the circular mango wood cutting board ($88). Adorable copper measuring spoons ($42) and distressed dish towels ($64) are as cool as they are functional, which is one of the greatest benefits of UJ Home: it includes wares you not only want, but need.


Cavallari’s clout as a style-maker certainly increases the draw of her home line, but there’s comfort in her background as a home chef. As a working mother with a husband who’s frequently on the road—her husband is Jay Cutler—she has to maximize benefits while minimizing effort. We all know utility is of utmost importance, but when necessities have a fashionable twist, it makes lugging groceries or setting the table that much more enjoyable. UJ Home manages to strike the perfect balance, and at a reasonable price: the most expensive piece is the $88 cutting board.

The entire home collection, along with the jewelry line, can be found online as well as her in store in The Gulch. But if you can’t experience the brand in person, you’re in luck: it’s rumored that E! has begun filming Cavallari’s own reality show, which is set to debut later this year.