Is it just me or does it seem like everyone’s looking to become some type of Instafamous (if you’re not exactly sure what that means, just think of those Instagram accounts with the beautifully curated photos and the thousands of followers)? That’s not a bad thing! In fact, if you want to become Instafamous for whatever it is you do, whether it be fashion, exercise, travel, cooking, DIY projects, etc., there are ways you can make your passion into a side hustle, if not a full time job. Did you know you can earn money from your Instagram account?! Here are some ways to help you get started:

Become a brand influencer

Are you in love with a brand and do you have enough followers on Instagram to get noticed by that brand? Offer to be a brand influencer and ambassador.  Being a brand ambassador can be as simple as posting your content as advertisements for the brand. If you want to do this effectively, make sure that you authentically believe in the brand and you are comfortable promoting it. Advertisements are purposeful and whenever a purpose is to generate profit, you can be sure consumers will be skeptical. The more you believe in your brand, the more genuine your posts will be and your followers will take notice.

Offer a service

Whether your Instagram followers follow you for fitness tips, dating advice, or your fashion sensibility, it doesn’t matter! You can create marketable services and earn money from any of these services and more. If you have the time and want to use your platform in this way, you can offer exercise training courses or life coaching advice sessions – whatever you’re a pro at and works for you and your schedule. You’re the boss!

Perfect your photos

Instagram is a science, and aesthetics pay off. Popular Instagrammers each have their own distinct aesthetic that every picture they post reflects. Whether it be a color theme or a minimalistic theme, they make sure to stay true to their particular posting style. In order to make sure your aesthetic stays consistent, practice your photography skills. Research and learn techniques to create the best looking Insta posts and ensure that your posts will catch users eyes. This will get you a greater reach and make it more likely for you to earn money through your account.

Create a consistent and focused message

To keep your followers engaged and tuned in, make sure your content is focused and consistent. Don’t create a little about everything, instead create a lot about a little. If fashion is your thing, stay consistent with that theme. Your followers began following you for that content – So chances are they’ll stay tuned in..  Be sure you’re always developing your content knowledge so you’re provide up-to-date messaging. Although you can earn money through your Instagram account, be sure not to lose sight of what you love to post – that alone will keep your feed genuine, relevant and successful.


Image credit: Mirjana Jesic



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