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feel completely weightless as the air rushes past my ears. Balancing on my belly with my arms and legs stretched out Superman-style, I really do begin to feel like a superhero. Here I am, ready to help you navigate even the toughest of life’s curveballs! A few seconds later the loud whoosh sound stops as I’m guided out of the wind tunnel by my iFLY instructor. A rush of adrenaline courses through my whole body, and I feel energized and elated all at once….

I always imagined that skydiving would have the sensation of falling, and that it would feel scary. My experience at iFly was the exact opposite. I truly felt like I was flying, and I wasn’t scared at all. In fact, it was empowering to have the full experience of skydiving without jumping out of a plane!

Money Score- Okay

Two flights for one person starts at $69.95…and that’s for one minute of airtime per flight. My son and I both did this package so for two people it ends up being $139.90, which isn’t cheap for only two whole minutes of flying in the wind tunnel. Five flights cost $131.95 per person, which is the most flights you can do as a first-time flyer. Although it‘s expensive, it’s such a unique and sensational feeling that I felt like was worth paying for at least once. (Plus, this was the kids birthday present–Mama just got to tag along for the fun).

This isn’t the type of adventure where it is possible to shop around for the best-priced indoor wind tunnel. iFLY pretty much has the corner on the market. After a little research, I learned that iFLY is owned by the same company that manufactures the wind tunnels themselves, and that they have locations all over the United States.

Consciousness Score- Okay

This was challenging to assess because there isn’t any obvious positive effect that iFly has on the community, environment, or any other cause. An extensive Google search of the environmental effect lead to no conclusive results about whether wind tunnels are good or bad for the environment. However, the attention to customers, quality instruction and emphasis on safety is enough to earn them a 3. After all,  iFly can give you the sensation of skydiving without any of the fear that comes with ignoring your natural instincts and hurling yourself out of a plane!

Before flying in the wind tunnel, you get a briefing with your group.The instructors not only teach you the appropriate safety precautions to follow upon entering, exiting, and while you are inside the tunnel, but they also explain the techniques you can use to adjust your body. iFly advertises itself as an experience that can be enjoyed by anyone from age three to 103, and it rang absolutely true. My kid is only 6, and I felt very comfortable letting him fly in the tunnel with the guidance of the instructor. The staff was knowledgeable, and the briefing was easy to understand and engaging for everyone in our group regardless of age. You do get the feeling that you need to pay attention to have a good time (I could see my son really focusing during this part of the experience), but the instructors don’t scare you in the process. Everyone entered the wind tunnel with excitement, not fear!

All the Feels Score-Excellent

If you have ever wanted the superpower of flight, then iFLY is for you. It is such a difficult feeling to describe, but I was asked if it feels anything like floating in water, and the contrast to swimming helps capture the sensation. When swimming,  you feel the density of the water and weight of your body as you move. Flying was the opposite. Imagine being totally weightless!

The one odd part of the experience was being watched in the wind tunnel. Because you go through the experience with a group, everyone in your group is watching you fly during your turn. This can be a little weird because it makes you feel like you are in a fishbowl. However, it didn’t really detract from the experience (hello, I was flying).

After our flights, my friend joked with me that she had found the perfect sport for me in my old age–it’s low impact and a great core workout. The instructor also complimented me on my technique and suggested I take private lessons. He may tell everyone that, but I’m going to go with believing flying really is my hidden superpower.