How And Why We Do This

We in-power people through :

Unbiased Information
Peer Education


we are in-powered women and men 

We don’t look externally for validation. We look internally, we check our minds and we check our hearts to find what drives us.


we are Wealth Warriors: money is our tool 

We believe, in this day and age, money is one of the most important tools we have to help us create the lifestyle and world we want to live in. It is the puppet, we are the puppeteers.


we own our intellect and intuition

Intuition sets your course, intellect calibrates and propels you forward.   These are two of the best tools we have to nav. our lives. At, we don’t underestimate the power of either. 


we are pragmatic 

We don’t cry about spilled milk. We know we live in a system that doesn’t inherently have our best interest in mind. We know we have to pay attention to our finances, to the system and to ourselves if we want to be truly independent thinkers and doers.


we are rethinking The System 

We believe the faster we start to nav. the system the faster we, as a collective, will come up with better ways of living, growing, sharing, loving, and being good people.


we seek joy 

Through a ton of “life experiences”, we realized there is really very little to be truly upset about –and a whole lotta stuff about which we can laugh-out-loud.


we are a team

It takes a village isn’t an understatement at  We are dedicated to building the largest global village we can.  We believe the larger our community, the faster we advance through knowledge gained from hearing, learning and understanding other people’s perspective.


we give back (we love our ‘we’) 

We are all “I”s that live amongst a “We”. We take care of our “I”s and we participate wholeheartedly in our “We”.

Our Manifesto

We take ownership of our lives. We are not victims, naïve, fearful, angry or sulking.

We know we live in a system that does not have our best interest in mind.
We know money is a tool to get us where we want to go.

We know we can learn to nav. the system.
We know the system will make the world a better place.

#navit #letsnavit

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