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In movies and on TV, living in Brooklyn means residing in a chic converted warehouse space or an impeccably decorated brownstone. But in reality, apartments are pretty cookie-cutter—unless you’re pulling in a salary that’s in the mid-six-figure range. There are a few exceptions, however, and travel editor Natalie Beauregard’s church-turned-apartment in Williamsburg is certainly one of them.

Equal parts hip and historic, the space is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. From the outside, the building still resembles a place of worship; inside, arched windows, exposed brick, steel pipes, and towering ceilings create an almost European vibe. It makes sense that Beauregard’s apartment would feel more international than domestic—in addition to being an avid traveler, she works for AFAR Media. She was kind enough to chat with me about how traveling has influenced her tastes, what newlywed life is like, and how a popular HBO show possibly helped her husband make a fairly major life decision.

Name: Natalie Beauregard

Age: 31

Location: Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Travel Guides Editor, AFAR Media

Home: One bedroom, two bathrooms (apartment)

Rent: $4,250

Moving within New York City can be such an ordeal. What made you decide to move, and what drew you to your apartment?

My (now) husband and I decided to move in together four years ago while we were still dating. I was living on the Upper East Side, and he was in downtown Brooklyn. I saw our apartment on Streeteasy and figured it had to be fake—it looked way too cool. We decided to check it out in person, though, and it looked exactly like the pictures. The building is a converted church, and our apartment has the original floors and wooden beams. But I think the sliding doors are what really got my husband; they’re straight out of “Game of Thrones.”

It sounds like it has a lot of personality. How have you adapted to the space and married life?

Since it’s the first place my husband and I ever lived in together, we’ve made a real effort to make it feel like “our” home: cozy and lived in, but with inflections of our own personal style. The apartment itself is more of a loft, though, so there aren’t traditional storage spaces—closet space is definitely lacking. We’ve had to find creative ways to use every last inch of free space, especially after receiving a ton of wedding gifts. Right now, we have boxes piled Jenga-style on top of our kitchen cabinets, and purses hanging from a pipe in our dressing area.

Does your career inform your style?

I work as a travel editor, so my apartment is full of photos and knickknacks from the different places I’ve been. Often times, I’ll see design elements at a hotel and try to emulate them at home, like using a wooden stool as a nightstand.

Has your profession influenced where you choose to live?

My husband and I would probably choose to live in New York regardless of what we were doing for a career—specifically, in Brooklyn. But we’ll probably move to another neighborhood when the L train shuts down; we both work in Manhattan, and it’ll be too much of a pain to get into the city.

Do you have an aesthetic in mind when it comes to decorating your apartment?

Probably quirky, clean, and Pinterest-worthy. There’s a lot of white, wood, and marble mixed in with our favorite pieces, like a leather couch from Restoration Hardware, and a chandelier I found on Overstock. We also collect things while we’re traveling: we have figurines from Oaxaca, shells from Zanzibar, and a prayer bell from Thailand. And succulents, lots and lots of succulents! I really wished the apartment looked more like a CB2 catalog, but…next place.

Is there a specific piece of decor or furniture that you’re particularly attached to?

The chandelier I bought from Overstocks brings me unnatural amounts of joy. I also searched forever until I found the perfect bar cart—it’s from CB2. It’s iron, brass, and marble, and it’s so pretty.

What are your tips for creating a space you love on a budget?

Etsy and Overstock are the way to go—with a little Wayfair thrown in here and there.

What advice would you give others who are trying to create a home that inspires them?

Just fill your home with things that make you happy—then, you’ll always be excited to be there. Also, don’t feel like you need your entire place to be set up right when you move in. I’m so bad at that, but it’s true that the best spaces are filled with things you acquire over time. They have better stories that way.