I recently realized we need to create a female-owning-her-finances prototype (I’m dubbing this the Wealth Warrior) to give women an ideal vision of themselves and their mindset about finances, careers, life, women and wealth. 

Then I took a look and happily found: we already have a ton of Wealth Warriors around! It’s true, we don’t directly talk about their finances (too personal? or not a topic we like to talk about?), but we already have so many amazing female prototypes in the public sphere that we can learn from and emulate. 

The Female Wealth Warrior Prototypes 

The world is shifting to allow different ethnic groups and women to take their rightful place as full participants in our society.  That means across sectors, households and businesses, though some areas are advancing more than others.  It might not always feel that way either, but in any societal shift, there is always a backlash—so let’s ignore the haters, look at the positive examples we have, and keep pushing.  

The Types

*Please note there are so many more exemplary women for each prototype, I only listed a few for expedience.

The Entertainers That Are Socially Conscious

Ex. Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson…

There’s a new generation of amazing actresses that are completely self-determined, self-aware and happy in their skin. Their poise and confidence shows in their rising careers and they are using their celebrity to champion important social causes. Not surprisingly, many of them are speaking up about women’s issues – from equal pay, the Lean-in movement, to children, and marginalized women’s issues. These women are speaking their truth and their careers are soaring. So, lesson number one:  Being authentic can boost both your career and your earning potential.

The Entertainers Turned Business Women:

Ex. Oprah, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Beyoncé, Arianna Huffington…

It seems redundant to explain these power-house women. However, these women provide a clear takeaway: they were excellent professional women who realized they could run their own productions, direct their programs, and write for themselves better than the people who were doing it.  When they started doing their own thing, they had more creative control and of course, created insanely successful businesses (/TV shows/films).  You can bet they had to pay attention to their finances when they started their own companies.  Yeah, and did we mention Oprah is a billionaire…just sayin’.

The Business Women/Moms:

Ex. Sheryl Sandberg, Megyn Kelly, Indra Nooyi, Janice Min …. 

These women are equal power-house professionals that have worked their way up the career ladder (while balancing family life). They advocate for women’s issues and some of them are vocal about equality for women in the work place.   To me, this is the professional mom that knows how to play the game of corporate America.  I know a lot of smart, educated women– doctors, nurses, lawyers, project managers, marketing experts, engineers — who have successful careers and are at the top of their professions, and they have actively pursued and created a life they want. They have mastered their craft and they preform high-level jobs or work for themselves. This Wealth Warrior prototype is the woman who manages her finances, plays the career game, and creates the world she wants to live in. 

The Mompreneurs:

Ex. Mandy Rose, Holly Homer, Suzi Whitford, etc ….

This is a huge industry that has sprung up over the past decade.  Most of these lovely women decided to stay at home with their kids.  Through that experience, they found their passion to blog about mom-living and provide excellent support and creative ideas to people around the world.  Equally, it spawned into at-home businesses for them—a financial win for everyone.  So these women decided on their preferred lifestyle and then thought about how they could make some money doing it = we call that Nav.ing it. 

Mom On Their Terms:

Ex. Melinda Gates, Michelle Obama…

Melinda Gates studied economics and computer science, and Michelle Obama is an attorney.  They had fulfilling careers but they made a conscious decision to leave the workforce in order to support their partners’careers and their families. This shift provided them with the opportunity to become spokeswomen for a variety of social causes. Not the typical nine-to-five, and not all of us will marry the richest or the most powerful man in the world, but both women prioritized their families over their careers and then created their own space within their family structures.  One would assume their finances are tied to their husbands, though they probably have wealth of their own.  More importantly, these women’s contributions to social change make us all wealthier. They are equal participants in their relationships and they found meaningful roles that were right for them in their partnerships (have I mentioned marriage is really just a legal partnership)?

The Politicians:

Ex. Angela MerkelKellyanne Conway, Ellen Johnson-SirleafJanet Yellen (Chair of the Fed), Christine Legarde (IMF Director), Chanda Kochhar

If you Google search the most powerful women in the world lists come up with politicians and businesswomen.  That tells me two things, 1) money talks and 2) the U.S. has a dismal history of female politicians at the highest levels of government. But we already knew that.  The people that do come up give us amazing examples of women managing the most complex economic, financial, and political situations in the world– Merkel and Johnson-Sirleaf are the German and Liberian heads of state respectively, Yellen and Legarde lead two of the most important global financial institutions, Kochhar heads one of the largest banks in India, and Conway is a businesswoman and extremely influential U.S. political operative.  Whatever you think of their politics, it’s an understatement to say these women know a thing or two about finance. And did we mention Johnson-Sirleaf also received a Nobel Peace Prize while she was running a country?  Yeah, amazing.

There Are So Many More

There are so many more prototypes we can all admire.  There is the stay-at-home mom who’s loving it and manages the household finances.  There is the single professional, investing and managing her money so she can retire by 38.  There is you. Tell us how you nav.it. 

Women and Wealth

It’s not socially acceptable to talk about women and wealth (or their finances).  In fact, while some men still brag about their salaries, or how much they made on a sale, women tend to avoid financial conversations, and definitely don’t brag about wealth.  Let’s keep it that way, nobody wants to hear you brag.  

However, as female Wealth Warriors, we need to start talking about the global success of women and wealth.  We need to find the types of women that resonate with us, and from whom we can learn. Most importantly, we need to acknowledge that with success comes financial compensation and the need for personal financial management. It is not something to shrink away from– these women sure don’t—it’s something to accept and learn.