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In their 2013 “Flawless” remix, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj claim they “wake up flawless,” and I interpreted this as a challenge of sorts. Can I too wake up flawless? Apparently not. I’ve gotten out of bed on the right, left, front and back sides, and they all yield the same results–which I can promise you, are not flawless. But I will say that the closest I have come to waking up flawless are the mornings after I put in time on my skincare regime the night before. Face masks are the ultimate game changer. Not only do they make my skin feel fresh like I just came out of the womb and have zero worries in life, but if you’re in a bad mood and do a face mask, and you don’t feel at least a little better by the time you wash it off, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Here are five benefits of using face masks, as told by me–not the scientists, academics, nor specialists this time. If you’re searching for a more intellectual opinion, I highly recommend a favorite resource of mine, Google.

Kick It With Your Girls

Book clubs, wine nights, brunch, the gym–all great opportunities to meet up with your favorite ladies. But why not switch it up every now and than, and add a spa/facial brunch to the list. Invite the crew over and ask everyone to bring their favorite facial products, from face washes, toners, masks, moisturizers–the works! This way, everybody gets to test out new products for their next purchase. I promise you this is way better than the unspoken pressure of of obligation purchase at those Revlon or Mary Kay parties. So get your mimosas and avocado toast ready; this low cost get-together may produce the best of memories for you and your friends. You could even switch it up and do an evening affair by making this a happy hour situation. Whatever you do, don’t forget the alcoholic beverages. It’s an essential key to the the success of this endeavor.

Get That Extra Boost of Confidence

When your skin glows, it’s a friendly reminder of the badass woman you are, and that she was hiding behind the dirt collecting in your pores this whole time. If your skin feels good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll carry yourself in such a way that exudes confidence. On the flip side, if everything is going up in flames around you, and you’re in one of those ruts where you just can’t seem to get anything right (we all have them)–get yourself a  face mask. One thing you can control is how you treat yourself and your skin, so go ahead, girl, and make a quick run to beauty supply store.

Take Time for You

In this crazy, hectic and often stressful world we’re living in, investing time into your skincare regime is never a bad idea. The yoginis and vegan types of the world love to talk about how the body is a temple. So if your body is a temple, then your skin and outward appearance are what’s keeping the temple from falling apart, literally and figuratively. It’s essential to not only take care of yourself by eating right and going to the gym, but take time to pamper yourself, as well. People aren’t exactly passing out participation ribbons for making it through the week, so celebrate on your own and #treatyoself. While you’re at it, go ahead and book a massage — you deserve it.

Save Some Money

Let’s be honest, in between student loans, rent/mortgage, electricity and gas, groceries that go bad because we continue to eat out anyway, clothing, shoes, and too many drinks at the bar, getting a monthly spa facial doesn’t always make it into the budget. But sometimes there’s no need for the spa–a facial mask can be your at-home solution for skin imperfections. A number of excellent products cater to your specific skin-type/needs and are worth your investment.

Great Excuse to Ignore People

You can’t (or really shouldn’t) talk with a mask on. So the next time you get in a fight with your significant other, go in the bathroom and put a mask on. The fight can’t last for that much longer if you’re not speaking. Plus it’s prime time to formulate a fail-proof rebuttal. Tired of your kids asking you too many questions? Put a mask on. Company overstayed their welcome? Put a mask on. Going to visit the in-laws? Pack your mask, girl, it may come in handy.