There hasn’t been a lot published about Dr. Smood in the press lately, as it’s been around since 2014, but I imagine some buzz is coming: This successful, health-nut brick-and-mortar is sprouting up across NYC and beyond. Founded by a power couple inspired by healthy Danish eats, Dr. Smood is a foodie fusion of beauty and intelligence.

Business developer Rene Sindlev and his wife, Patrizia Manici, an Italian model and architect, channeled mutual interests for healthy living, good food, and finely tuned aesthetics into opening what we now know as Dr. Smood, a gathering place of good-for-you organic food and drinks.

The tagline isn’t “smart food for a good mood” for nothing. There are far too many Paul bakeries from France polluting every other block with subpar pain au chocolats. Smood, on vous souhaite le bienvenue! 

Money Score: Good

The food quality is superior, full of flavor and fashioned from premium ingredients, so Dr. Smood’s prices are comparable to other organic eateries in the city. Yes, prices are slightly high, but here, you are paying for quality, so it is justified. However, I was a bit sticker shocked by the coco drink for $24. Other more price-point-appropriate examples: Raw oats with raspberry coulis for almost $6, raw pancakes for $7.50, a quinoa salad for $9.95–with most juices priced at an upwards of 10 bucks. But I’d be hard-pressed to find a juice bar in the city charging less than 10. The point is, fair or not, buying organic is more expensive, and restaurants selling organic items have to adjust accordingly.

Consciousness Score: Excellent

Call this place a superfood smorgasboard. The restaurant is very conscious of sourcing healthful, local ingredients and serving health-forward, balanced meals. Everything is organic, nutrient-dense and antioxidant-laced. Lots of the food is also plant-based. All is clean, healthy, ethically sourced, and most importantly, guilt-free!

There’s also a selection of supplements in the Smood Market, which is stocked with goodies for the beauty-and-health-conscious crowd.

And Dr. Smood certainly has its clientele figured out. You can pick a color-coded food from the menu to suit your mood: power orange, beauty pink, immunity yellow, detox green, energy blue, or health purple. All about the benefits here!


‘All the Feels’ Score: Excellent

Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, industrial chic gray flooring, marble-topped tables, ethereal white and soft gray hues, this may be the hippest NYC warehouse you’ve walked into in a while. Exposed globe lights hang down from the ceiling, illuminating the space. The vibe is totally California with a New York backdrop.

The setup is intimate, yet airy. There are two people behind the backlit marble countertop: one making food, the other taking orders. Since the food is utterly delicious, you certainly feel good eating here.

Kick back on the velvet loveseat and prop your matcha latte on one of the round, black tables, and scribble your own note in the guest book. Some chose to write love letters, and there certainly was a whole lot to love about Dr. Smood.

Menu breakdown

The food not only tastes good, but you’ll actually feel good after eating it. And if you’re hooked after your first visit, opt for MealPal pickup or one of the signature Detox Programs.

Hailed the “best oatmeal in NYC,” the Poached Pear Oats dish is to die for! Warm, cozy gluten-free oats are topped with melt-in-your-mouth poached pear, dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Moreover, it’s packed with superfoods like chia seeds and flax. I’ve ordered it several times! It’s soul-soothing.

Other highlights include the protein-rich Quinoa Breakfast Bowl made with hearty, gluten‐free grains, then dressed with apple-cinnamon coulis, banana slices, and glazed walnuts. You’ll be buzzing with energy all morning-long.

For handhelds and snackables, Dr. Smood Eggplant Jerky is certainly original, as is the Raw Green Bun with Vegan Cream Cheese, or a selection of Power Pastries, including Organic Tiramisu (have to have the Italian influence in there).

As for sandwiches, I can personally recommend: The Power Tuna with wild-caught pole tuna, avocado, tomato, and Dr. Smood’s pesto: an omega-fatty acid-packed, protein-dense meal. For vegetarians, opt for the Vegan with hummus, avocado, baby spinach, and pesto: an antioxidant fiberbomb.

To sip: Organic coffee, Dr. Smood’s own Organic Mindful Tea, matcha lattes, cold-pressed juices, and coconut water. I’d recommend one of Dr. Smood’s Cold Pressed Juices. My personal favorite is the anti-inflammatory Detox No. 9. Pegged as “Love with a Kick” (play off of Love Potion No. 9), it’s packed with lemon, lime, raw honey, ginger, turmeric, orange, oregano leaf, and cayenne.

Overall: Good

Overall great experience, but the food, while delicious, is slightly pricey. But if you’re seeking nutrient-dense, fresh food fast, this is a place you can feel good spending money at. Gwyneth and the GOOP gals would certainly approve.