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To bring some levity to the news cycle and of course make you smile, we’ve compiled our favorite positive news pieces to help you kick off your weekend right. Cause money, psych and #naving it is actually hella fun.


Experience: I’ve played a game of tag for 23 years

via The Guardian

Why have a midlife crisis when you can play a wicked game of tag!  They might be slow but these guys know how to have fun, and they’ll go to any lengths to prove it. #youareit


This 61-year-old Limousine Driver Launched Himself in a Homemade Rocket because…

The new poster child for peer pressure! Sick and tired of people accusing him of being full of hot air over claims that he had built a rocket to launch himself into space in order to prove the Earth is flat, this tenacious mad scientist manned up and quickly manned right back down.  #gravity


The French Are Just So Misunderstood 

Excusez-moi!” I’m not rude, I’m French,” says this unemployed expressive waiter.

Gossip alert: Let the #Brennifer Reunion Rumors Flow

Getty Image via Hollywood Gossip.com

We’re so ex-cited at the possible reunion of our favorite ex-couple!  Yes, even we delight in mindless gossip and irrational hopefulness! 


Digital Travel Tools You Should Be Using

Spring break is officially in full-swing with the Easter Weekend rolling in. Are you prepared for your travels? Here are the must-use apps.