I’m Erin and I am so happy you are here! You have all the power to nav. your life like the rock star you are!

The first step is confidence and we’re going to help you with that through knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! 

…So let’s go Nav.it! 


I am a realist…

There are a million challenges in life: personal, intellectual, emotional, environmental, professional. A realist says: all these challenges are solvable. It might not be the solution you want. It may take you down a completely different path than expected. However, we have a choice when faced with these challenges. Do we rise up to face the challenges? Do we cry and scream and sulk, and then stand up and keep pushing? Or do we give up, play the victim and say it’s too hard? Doing nothing ends up acting as a solution too. A realist says: the challenges we face are necessary for us to grow. They are there for a reason, you can’t avoid them, so let’s start nav.ing them with class.   

I am courageous for the causes I believe in.

Over the past thirteen years, I have lived and worked in developing countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. I helped manage safari lodges then moved into health care and worked for Doctors without Borders in some crazy warzones. After that learning experience, I got a Master of Public Health and started running research and development programs for marginalized populations in Central and West Africa….cue learning about how financial, political and social systems greatly inhibit (or facilitate) human development. Long story short, I went out into the world in my early 20s looking for adventure and ended up with that (+some well-earned bumps and bruises), and a hellava lot of perspective about how this world works.  

I believe there are no mistakes in life, just learning opportunities.

My life has exploded on me a couple times. C’est la vie. I have made mistakes and definitely done things I wish I hadn’t. Others have been mean, or unfair. However, I refuse to wallow in fear, self-hate, or victimhood. I have learned after many scrapes and hard situations that “mistakes” are merely opportunities to look at the situations we face, reflect on our actions and reactions, and challenge ourselves to learn from the pain. Self-reflection leads to self in-powerment. Where there is suffering, there is also always hope. I choose hope. 


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