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Who We Are

Even in the best circumstances, our 20s, 30s and 40s can be tumultuous as hell. In our early years we embark on adventures of self-discovery and form lifelong friendships, feeling confident and empowered. But as we master our personal lives, we begin to realize that we have much to learn about how to survive in the world. Seriously, how can we fully enjoy a night out while our inner nagging monologue dwells on the fact we don’t have a handle on our student debt or the treacherous career landscape?

Just the sheer recognition that you aren’t experiencing this alone is huge. We’ve all been cast into the same labyrinthine financial and governmental system, which you’ve probably noticed doesn’t exactly have our best interests in mind.

But we know, if given the right tools and knowledge, we can all nav the system with a ton of grit and a little bit of grace. And we can tell you, avocado toast tastes way better when you’ve mastered your financial situation. After all, this generation is boldly disrupting the norm – we’ve revolutionized communication, transportation, hotel booking, and even dating, why should the financial system be any different?

The Nav.It Mindset

  • We own our money.

  • We trust our gut.

  • We nav. the system. We change the system.

  • We are fearless. We are resilient. We are full of grit.

  • We are renegades.

  • We seek joy. We evolve.

  • We love life.

  • We make the world a better place.